Why Choose Composite Decking?

Posted by Kerry Wilson on

Why Choose Composite Decking?

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking boards are made from a blend of hardwood and recycled plastic, giving the illusion and warmth of real wood with the longevity and consistency of a man-made product.  Easy to cut, shape and install, artificial wood decking offers a non-slip finish that won’t fade, stain, warp or splinter, resists insect and animal damage and won’t attract algae, moss, mildew or mould.  And, unlike cheap composite decking alternatives, Go Decking composite boards won’t chip or crack under the weight of furniture or feet. With a warranty that lasts decades, Composite Decking is the perfect choice for any outdoor area.

It’s Waterproof
Composite Decking not only endures the vagaries of the UK’s weather – unaffected by rain, hail, frost or snow - it’s perfect for use around hot tubs and swimming pools. For family gardens it will cope with paddling pools, water play and, for dining areas – at home or in cafes and restaurants – it won’t be damaged by spills of food or drink

It’s Slip-Resistant
Even when wet, the natural texture of WPC remains safe to walk on, perfect for whatever activity you and your family want to do outside

It’s Splinter-Free
You can relax and slip off your shoes. From crawling babies to 90-year-old yoga practitioners, there is no chance of catching skin or clothing on our decking.  So, no excuse, get down on the floor and join in

It’s Low Maintenance
Ready to use and enjoy the moment it’s installed, composite decking never needs sanding, painting or staining. The UV resistant colours won’t fade and the boards won’t split or warp. Aside from the occasional wash, our decking requires no maintenance whatsoever

It's Eco-Friendly
Composite decking is made up of 90% recycled materials and it lasts much longer than wood so won't end up in a skip in the near future.  It doesn't need staining (no chemicals there) or sanding (one less power tool using electricity) and it can be cleaned with soap and water (no chemicals there either).