Time to Plan

Posted by Kerry Wilson on

Time to Plan

While the cold weather might be keeping most of us indoors, it's actually the best time to plan your new garden. Trees are bare, plants have died back and snow and frost hide existing features; you are literally looking at a blank slate.

Grab your wellies and a tape measure and start designing the outdoor space of your dreams. Using our handy Garden Planner, mark the size and shape of your garden and add in any features that will stay put - established trees and shrubs, drain covers, sheds, gates and doorways etc. Once you've done that, get back inside, put the kettle on and get started.

A rummage online will produce lots of inspiration for your new garden. Pinterest has 1000s of pictures to sort through and we've created some collections ourselves to get you started.

Decide what sort of space you want - low-maintenance, kid-friendly or an place for entertaining friends. Think about the style of garden you want; formal with tidy, straight lines or organic with circles and curves. Traditional or modern?

If you plan on sitting outside in your garden, the chances are you'll need a deck or patio that you can use even if the weather has been bad. Composite decking is quick and easy to install and flexible enough to suit any style. From rich, rustic Walnut Woodgrain to cool, contemporary Grooved Charcoal, Go Decking has a range of colours and finishes along with all the fixings and trim you'll need. There's even an online calculator so once you've worked out the size of your deck you can see how much it will cost and start your project budget.

So what are you waiting for?