Hot Tips for Hot Tub Decks

Posted by Kerry Wilson on

Hot Tips for Hot Tub Decks

According to TimeOut in the US, hot tub boats are now a thing.  They cost around £250 an hour to rent or you can have a custom built one for a mere £57,000. We can’t imagine them doing well in the UK but keep an eye out on lakes and waterways near you – who knows what you might spot!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, there’s no denying that the current trend for a hot tub in your back garden is growing, as we find more ways of staying occupied during the current restrictions.  We regularly get enquiries on how to install a hot tub on a composite deck so thought we’d put together a few pointers.

A hot tub on Composite Decking

Composite decking is perfect for use around water features of all kinds; its inherent non-slip properties reduce the risks of slips and its resistance to water and chemicals means it won’t rot or be bleached by the chemicals used to treat pools and tubs.

It’s critical that the base you build for your deck is heavily reinforced in the area you’ll be using for the tub.  A typical four person tub, filled with water and people, weighs almost a tonne - We recommend using twice the number of support beams you’d need for a deck designed for seating – just 20cm apart instead of the usual 40cm. Too few support beams and the deck will sag under the weight.

You should also consider using Heavy Duty Decking Boards under the tub. Available in a Grooved finish in the same colours as our Standard Decking Boards, you can save money by combining the two– solid ones under the tub and standard ones elsewhere.

An alternative is using a panel of GRP (Fibreglass) Mini Mesh Grating under the hot tub.  An industrial-strength solution used by the marine and utillity industries, it is completely impervious to water and chemical damage and strong enough to support even the deepest tub.  We can supply grating, specially cut to fit the shape of your tub. It’s almost the same depth as our decking boards - simply place it on top of your base and lay boards around it.  The mesh design means water won’t pool under the tub while providing even support below the entire structure. If you’d like a quote or simply advice on how to accommodate a hot tub, please contact us on 0800 6123 998 or email