Circles or curves? No problem at all

Posted by Chloe Gunn on

Circles or curves? No problem at all

Curved decking? Round decking? Square decking with a round hole? It is possible. A customer has sent us pictures of their project which includes curves and circles, and guess what? It looks fabulous!

With a cunning plan and a jigsaw, there's no reason why you can't do it too!

Once you've cut the shape you want into the decking boards, you can gently bend our flexible matching trim around the edge to create a smooth, professional-looking finish. 

As with any trim, an oval shaped screw hole will allow it to expand and contract as the weather conditions change.

Plan your curved deck using our handy garden planner - free to download here.

We can also help you work out the amount of decking you'll need here. Maths not your thing? Send your drawings to us and we will do the maths for you.

We would love to see your finished decking project. Send your pictures to and, if we can use them for publicity, we will send you a £25 Love to Shop voucher.