Baby it's Cold Outside!

Posted by Kerry Wilson on

Baby it's Cold Outside!

There’s no reason not to keep enjoying your garden just because the temperatures have dropped.  All you need is somewhere nice to sit and you can’t beat a composite deck. 

It’s a warmer surface than slabs, concrete or brick, it doesn’t get boggy like grass, gravel or woodchips and it doesn’t get slippery the way wooden decking does.

So, once you have your perfect outdoor space, how do you enjoy it all year round?


Choose the right furniture

While it’s lovely having proper rattan sofas and armchairs on your deck, once the weather turns the cushions really need to go into storage and it can be a pain getting them all out for just a short while.  Choose a couple of accent chairs that only need a throw cushion or two to make them comfy.  Those can be easily stored in a basket by the back door.  Add a few throws to the mix and you can be cosy in seconds.

Add some heat

A patio heater will keep you warm; gas ones throw out heat immediately and there are some gorgeous designs out there. Choose a tall, out-of-reach space heater if you have children or a welcoming table-top fire for romantic snuggles.  And don’t forget, it’s never too cold to barbeque.  Heat and food all in one!

Add some light

If you work full time, the chances are your garden will be in darkness by the time you get home during the week and sitting outside in the dark isn’t everyone’s cup of tea - especially if you want to curl up with a good book.  If it’s not possible to install electric lights outside, then choose some battery-powered lanterns.  You can keep them in the basket with the cushions and throws.

Protect from the weather

Realistically, there’s not a great deal you can do about the wind and, unless your deck has a sheltered corner, anything more than a gentle breeze is likely to keep you indoors.  However, you can protect against rain and snow with an awning or sail.  Well worth the investment if you enjoy being outdoors and useful all year round given the vagaries of the British summer!