20 Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Deck

Posted by Chloe Gunn on

20 Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Deck

Get the glow down of 20 lights that could be perfect for your deck here!

We have compiled a list of all different lights that are suitable for your outdoor area. They range from sophisticated ones to funky ones, standing tables ones to hanging ones. Hopefully options for everyone!

1. Outdoor Globe Light

 These lights are beautiful1 They come in 4 different sizes and are great for placing on lawns and on patio. They are a great way to illuminate your outdoor area! Get yourself some here!

2. Manutti Flame Garden Candle Holder with Lumo LED Light

These lights come in 3 different sizes and are just stunning! The candle holders come in white or lava and you can get a remote control! These weatherproof lights are a perfect addition to any outdoor area! Shop here.

3. Shimmer Solar Mood Light - Cactus

This fun design adds atmosphere to any outdoor space! This solar powered light charges throughout the day and lasts 6 hours! With a range of colours to chose from, this cactus is perfect for outdoor spaces! Shop here.

4. Solar Flame Lights

These lights have a fiery flame effect without having an actual fire! The LEDs flash a warm yellow which creates the effect of a flame blowing in the wind! How creative! Like it? Get yourself some here.

5. Floating LED Pool Lights

 These ball lights may say 'pool' but in reality can be used anywhere in your garden. With a choice of 16 colours, these balls are perfect for any out door event you may have. And, if you have a pool even better! Get yourself some here.

6. Bee LED Solar Fairy Lights

These bee-utiful lights will be a cute little addition to your garden. Place them on a tree or hang them from a fence post. Shop here.

7. Solar LED Globe Pathfinder Lights

These simple lights are a great way to illuminate your deck. Place them on your lawn around your deck, or space them throughout the garden to add a bit of an accent. Get yourself some here.

8. Mossy Stone LED Solar Garden Light

This funky light is a great addition to any deck especially ones with kids! This light looks great on tables or just on your deck! Pick yourself one up here.

9. Dartmouth Solar Decking Light

These smart lights create a beautiful glow after dark. With year round reliability these lights are an ideal addition to your deck! Get yourself some here.

10. LAP Coldstrip LED Deck Light Brush Chrome 30mm

These chrome lights are ones you build into your deck. With a cool white colour they are ideal for any deck! Shop here.

11. Solar Vintage Style Bulb String Lights

These lights are designed to add a unique touch to your garden. Hang them between trees or on a fence. These mismatched lights can be bought here.

12. Set of 4 Solar Sprialights

 These lights can look like stars in the night sky! Hang them from tree branches or get a bit of wire/string and hang them from a fence! Shop here.

13. Astro Homefield Outdoor Pendant Light

This light has an industrial style to it, made from steel and glass panes which are easy to install and have an adjustable chain! Get yourself one here.

14. Solar Garden Lights Martello

These tall and elegant garden lights have a twisted glass effect. A stylish design for a stylish garden! Get yourself some here.

15. Jari Atmospheric Solar-operated Garden Light

This solar light has an LED that flickers like a candle! This creates an amazing ambience. Get yours here.

16. Fibreglass Garden Table Light

This modern, contemporary look is nice and simple and suits any garden! They sit nicely on tables, stairs or on edges! Get yourself some here.

17. Auraglow Solar Powered Garden Lily Lotus Flower

Inspired by nature, this light looks good in flower beds, lawns, on decks and on tables! A perfect addition to any garden! Shop here.

18. Solar Powered LED Garden Table Light

This modern looking lamp has a dimmable feature so it won't be full powered brightness all the time. Sits perfectly on your table outdoors. Get one here.

19. Mushroom Solar Stake Lights

Use these cute lights to create a magical glow! These solar powered mushrooms need light to charge. But then are beautiful when they get glowing! Get yourself some here.

20. Colour Changing Pebble Solar Light

Get yourself some light up pebbles for your garden! Sit them on your deck, around your deck or just around the garden to create a nice evening ambience! Get some here.