10 Games You Can Play on Your Deck

Posted by Chloe Gunn on

10 Games You Can Play on Your Deck

Once you’ve got a shiny new composite deck installed, you may be wondering what deck friendly games can be played to keep friends and family entertained! Here we have complied a list of 10 games which would be perfect to play on your deck!

1. Jenga
Grab yourself a giant Jenga tower and try not to make it tumble! Giant Jenga makes for great family fun! Purchase here

2. Card Games
Why not invest in a giant deck of cards? Games like snap, pairs and go fish can be hours of fun and jumbo cards are much easier to catch when they blow away! Buy some giant cards here 

3. Dominoes
Play dominoes, but GIANT. It will keep the kids and maybe even the rest of the family entertained for hours! Easy to play, easy to clean up. Composite decking is splinter-free so sitting on the floor won't be a problem! Buy some giant dominoes here

4. Skittles
Your WPC deck will be perfectly flat and smooth so grab a ball and some pins and have yourself a go at knocking them all down! Turning this into a competition can create hours of family fun! Buy some here

5. Ring Toss
With a set you picked up online, or from household items, Ring Toss can create an exciting competition between family and friends! Buy here

6. Pick Up Sticks
Get some giant pick up sticks, drop them on your deck and try not to disturb the pile! It will create hours of fun and keep the kids entertained! Buy here

7. Bean Bag Toss
Create a target at one end of the deck and throw the bean bags! Create prizes for the closest to the hole for added fun! Buy here

8. Connect 4
Set up a giant connect 4 set on your deck and see who can connect 4 the quickest! Buy a set here

9. Piggy in the Middle
Grab a ball and make someone be the piggy and see if they can intercept the ball being thrown between two people at opposite ends of the deck! Just make sure the ball is soft and doesn’t damage windows!

10. The Floor Is Lava
This game will only work if you have furniture on the deck. Walk around the deck and when someone shouts ‘THE FLOOR IS LAVA’ the last one to get their feet off the floor is out! Or since you’re on a deck, change it to ‘the deck is lava’!

We'd love to know the games you enjoy on your new deck. Send you photos in and, if we can use them for our publicity, you'll get a £25 Love to Shop Voucher. Send them to sales@godecking.co.uk