10 Brilliant Barbecues

Posted by Chloe Gunn on

10 Brilliant Barbecues

Is there a better time to have a BBQ than in summer? Is there a better place to have a BBQ than on your composite decking? If the answers to the questions are no, then this is the right blog for you. Here we have compiled a list of 10 brilliant BBQs that you can use on your decking ranging from inexpensive to a bit more on the pricy side. Options for everyone!

1. Portable Smokeless Charcoal BBQ - £59.97

Appliances Direct have this nice portable BBQ which even includes a pizza pan! This BBQ is lightweight and easy to move, which will be great for after summer when it needs putting away! Shop here.

2. Cadac Safari Chef - £99.00

This BBQ is another portable one, but unlike the first this one is a gas one. This one is also easily movable. Perfect for summer parties on your deck. Shop here.

3. 3 in 1 Outdoor Square BBQ Grill - £42.99

Who doesn’t love a 3 in 1 BBQ? This one from the Range is a solid and durable one that can withstand rust and heat. Another perfect one for summer BBQ parties in the summer. Shop here.

4. Home Deluxe 6 Burner Gas - £225.00

Have BBQs regularly? Looking for a big one? A more permanent one? Argos’ BBQ is a good solution. This premium BBQ is ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking outside. It’s full of features perfect for any aspiring chef! Shop here.

5. Flamemaster Portable Barrel Charcoal BBQ - £33.69

This BBQ is yet another portable one that you can put away during the winter months. Even though it is compact, it has plenty of cooking space to suit all your cooking needs. It will sit perfectly on your composite deck and will be a great addition to any summer garden parties you may have. Shop here.

6. GoodHome Owsley 4.1 Black 4 Burner Gas BBQ - £450.00

This next one, is one for people who want to invest. This BBQ can cook for up to 16 people and it is big enough to allow you to cook a variety of dishes to suit all your cooking needs, or it enables you to cook foods to suit the likes of all your guests (if you have any). Shop here.

7. Texas 43cm Kettle Charcoal BBQ - £30.00

This BBQ is an easy one for an BBQ beginner to use. Not too big and not too small. If you’re looking for a beginner BBQ to purchase. This is the one for you! Shop here.

8. Instant Disposable BBQ

These had to make the list. These are perfect for if you fancy a BBQ but don’t want to buy a permanent one. You can get them at most shops, and they are very cheap and cheerful! Don't forget to put them on a surface safe for these types!

9. Traveller Gas BBQ - £396.00

This BBQ can cook more than you might think. It can cook up to 20 burgers or sausages at one time and then once you’re done it folds down nicely and is easy to transport with its wheels. Perfect for cooking on your deck for a summer party. Shop here.

10. Outback Ranger 3 Burner Hybrid - £449.00

The last one to make the list is this Outback Ranger from the BBQ Outlet Company. It has an adaptable grill area, with a lot of optional additions, from a pizza stone to a wok. Interested? Shop here.