10 Activities to do on Your Deck

Posted by Chloe Gunn on

10 Activities to do on Your Deck

We’ve compiled a list of 10 activities that you can do on your new composite deck! Some of them will give you good a good excuse to show off the new deck!

1. Yoga

To kick off the list we have yoga. Shut the kids inside and lay your mat out on your deck and relax! Our composite decking is splinter free, so it provides the perfect base for a relaxing yoga session. If you have a cover for your decking, you can use the deck for yoga no matter what the weather is.

2. BBQ

A BBQ is a great activity for you to do on your WPC deck. Invite friends and family over and have a great night cheffing it up. Get some comfy decking furniture and keep the kids entertained with some fun games! Did we mention it’s a nice way for you to show off your deck?

3. Exercising

If you don’t want to go to the gym and you don’t have the extra room in the house, grab your skipping rope or thigh master and use your composite decking! It makes for the perfect outdoor gym! Just like yoga if you have a gazebo or something similar, you can exercise outside no matter what the weather is like!

4. Read and relax

Get in some comfortable decking furniture - a hammock, swing chair or outdoor beanbag - and, after a long day of working or studying, you can get home, get into comfortable clothing, get a good book and sit outside and relax!

5. Hot tubbing

Hot tubs! A family favourite! Get into your best swimming costume and head into the hot tub! You can even check out our previous blog post Hot Tips for Hot Tub Decks – Direct Decking to make sure you give your hot tub the right support on the composite decking!

6. Playing Games

There are days when the kids are just too hyperactive and sometimes need a run about outside! With the composite deck they can now play games on the deck rather than the grass, which with the weather in the UK, is likely going to be muddy! Check our post on games to play on your deck here 

7. Mixology

For the budding mixologist, placing a bar on the WPC deck is a great idea! This way you can invite friends and family over and have a kid free cocktail night!

8. Sunbathe

In the summer when the weather is nice you can get a sun lounger, relax and catch a tan. All this you can do whilst the kids are off doing other activities or playing games!

9. Entertain guests

Once your deck is all set up and you’ve placed the furniture you want, you can invite guests over and have them sit on the deck, if the weather is nice, and then partake in the other activities we have mentioned!

10. Painting

We all know painting is a messy job! Especially if you have young kids! So rather than having to spend time cleaning up inside, send the budding artists outside and let them make a mess!